Introducing: INS Group Translation & Interpretation Services!

The INS Group is pleased to announce that we now are offering professional translation and interpretation services in English, Spanish, and French.
6 cartoon people saying hello in different languages
More than 35 million people in the U.S. speak a language other than English at home–and that number grows every year. Nonprofits everywhere are seeing an increased demand for their services and outreach in multiple languages, including material specially adapted for different cultural groups.
The INS Group offers translation and on-site and remote interpretation services from certified professionals. We work across diverse industries including government, corporate, and nonprofit sectors, and our subject matter experts provide quality services to meet your specialized needs (legal, medical, technical, educational, financial, etc.).
With our highly qualified team of translators and rigorous quality assurance processes, The INS Group provides exceptional service with emphasis on detail. Our team will ensure your project is accurate, on time, and culturally relevant to your audience.

We invite you to submit a Service Request Form and get a free quote today. For immediate requests, please call Aimé Césaire Atchom, Project Manager, at 240-349-0239, or email

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